Monday, November 12, 2012


This week, classes at PDS will be talking about Thanksgiving and teaching students all about the first Thanksgiving. As everyone talks about what they are most thankful for, I was thinking about how thankful I am to the parents at PDS who give up their time and work so hard to help the library and encourage students to read. Mrs. Susan Sledge just worked so hard to head up another successful Book Fair, which raises money for the library, and I saw so many other parents and PDS supporters working hard to help. We were all so excited about the huge selection of books! I am also thankful for all the grandparents who came out to support PDS at the Book Fair as well. Also, Mrs. Holly Sanders works so hard to reward students at the AR store by searching for prizes the students will enjoy. We've already held the store once, and hope to get in another one before Christmas.  She is coming up with some really special rewards for students at the end of the year if we reach our reading goal! Again, I am so thankful for Mrs. Sledge, Mrs. Sanders, and all the other parents at PDS who work so hard because they know how important reading is. Happy Thanksgiving!

Book Fair!


AR Store!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home Connect

Parents and students of 2nd-6th grade,
You can connect to certain features of Renaissance Learning products (AR and AM) at home by going to the web address, username, and password sent home to you in an informational letter. If you need another copy, please let your teacher know.  You will not be able to take quizzes at home, but you can:
1. Check overall Accelerated Reader progress (average grade, points, and book level) and see individual book jackets to check individual titles.(Click View My Bookshelf on lower right and click each book jacket to view details.)
2. Click ARbookFinder at bottom right to check any book for grade level and  points.
3. Check vocabulary quizzes.
4. Click Math tab to check Acceleated Math progress on tests and objectives mastered. Also, to work on math practice at home, click on Math tab>Practices and Exercises>Reprint(to print practice sheet)>Score Assignment. (Click on the bubbles to answer and then go back and click score my assignment above reprint and it will score it for you.)
5. Click on Email Setup in the top right to receive emails when your student takes a quiz.
Contact Mrs. Lowery or your teacher for more inforamtion. First grade will be able to connect as soon as they are able to take AR tests and we will send a letter home. Each student's quizzes vary depending on the teacher requirements and the student's ability.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The 2012-2013 school year is swimming along, as PDS students come into the library to dive into a good book!

Hank is rocking and reading.

Homer is helping Mrs. Lowery read.
Natalee's finding out how many bears are in this story!

Getting an early start on those AR points!

If you've been hearing "E is a vowel, a letter in the alphabet," and want to hear more(fair warning...they get stuck in your head and you find yourself rapping it everywhere you go!), check out my links to the vowel songs (there are also consonant songs).

K4 and K5 have been enjoying many ebooks on the big screen. Check my links for sites we have used lately.  We have learned to listen, and have learned shapes, colors, and vowels.  You might have heard students singing "Listen up, up gonna listen up for you" from our Howard B. Wigglebottom ebooks, or them rocking to "I love my white shoes" from the clip we watched of the author and illustrator of "Pete the Cat" reading and singing their books.  It was the next best thing to having the author vist our classroom!
We're ready to check out Ms Kelsey!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I'm so excited to see that after one week of school, PDS students have already taken quizzes on 62 books!!!!  Follow the widget on the left to be updated automatically each time a student takes an AR quiz on a book! We're off to a good start, so let's keep reading!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's a Reading Celebration!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the book fair!  A special thanks to Mrs. Sledge for organizing this important fundraiser for the library. Everyone who worked the event, bought a book, or sent their coins contributed to our PDS library! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

District Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Caleb Owens for winning the District Spelling Bee for the 5th grade! He will advance to the State Spelling Bee in April.  Congratulations to Indiya Cook and Molly Hays for representing the 6th and 4th grades.  They all did a great job!