Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The 2012-2013 school year is swimming along, as PDS students come into the library to dive into a good book!

Hank is rocking and reading.

Homer is helping Mrs. Lowery read.
Natalee's finding out how many bears are in this story!

Getting an early start on those AR points!

If you've been hearing "E is a vowel, a letter in the alphabet," and want to hear more(fair warning...they get stuck in your head and you find yourself rapping it everywhere you go!), check out my links to the vowel songs (there are also consonant songs).

K4 and K5 have been enjoying many ebooks on the big screen. Check my links for sites we have used lately.  We have learned to listen, and have learned shapes, colors, and vowels.  You might have heard students singing "Listen up, up gonna listen up for you" from our Howard B. Wigglebottom ebooks, or them rocking to "I love my white shoes" from the clip we watched of the author and illustrator of "Pete the Cat" reading and singing their books.  It was the next best thing to having the author vist our classroom!
We're ready to check out Ms Kelsey!!