Monday, November 12, 2012


This week, classes at PDS will be talking about Thanksgiving and teaching students all about the first Thanksgiving. As everyone talks about what they are most thankful for, I was thinking about how thankful I am to the parents at PDS who give up their time and work so hard to help the library and encourage students to read. Mrs. Susan Sledge just worked so hard to head up another successful Book Fair, which raises money for the library, and I saw so many other parents and PDS supporters working hard to help. We were all so excited about the huge selection of books! I am also thankful for all the grandparents who came out to support PDS at the Book Fair as well. Also, Mrs. Holly Sanders works so hard to reward students at the AR store by searching for prizes the students will enjoy. We've already held the store once, and hope to get in another one before Christmas.  She is coming up with some really special rewards for students at the end of the year if we reach our reading goal! Again, I am so thankful for Mrs. Sledge, Mrs. Sanders, and all the other parents at PDS who work so hard because they know how important reading is. Happy Thanksgiving!

Book Fair!


AR Store!